Beautiful on the inside, (BOTI)

Is a design store, opened September, 2006, the store has a curated quality to it, stocks pieces that have a story to tell and have an inner beauty, we see beauty not only in perfection and uniformity, we see the beauty within a piece let it be an intentional flaw, or a very personal design inspiration, we stock “pieces with soul”,from furniture, lighting, home accessories, personal accessories and fashion,

The owner Lana Alsamir-Diamond is a product designer herself, who’s desings can be found in the store, hand picks all pieces herself and stays true to BOTI’s philosophy.

The designs are by both Australian and international designers, It is important to us to support our designers by telling you about them and always bringing new and fresh designs.

Beautiful on the inside hopes to always entertain your soul and your senses with the pieces we offer, pieces that you would love to keep and…..maybe even give….to those you love,

But that’s not all what we are about,

We would like to think that we are able to
Inspire, support, question, involve, promote and break the rules.

We have a vision of what we would like to offer, where we would like to go and who we would like to work with, there are some exciting projects and events in the pipeline we will tell you all about them as they happen,

Enjoy and come and see us some time…